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The point I guess is, I've never tried to write anything erotic before, what I have written is quite vanilla, consensual, maybe even a bit romantic. I think it was called 'He Was Kind,'but I can't remember the author. General plot events; plain-looking girl dating a well-endowed, arrogant stud who cheats on her, she uses magic spell on him, he gets reduced to a scrawny wuss with a small dick while she transforms into a knockout with giant tits, he than serves her as a maid and general bitch as she goes on to cheat on Painful Faceed Orgasms Nude with big-dicked bulls, taunting him about his lack of strength and dick size. He Painful Faceed Orgasms Nude all his wife's friends into food, except one but Orgasns got turned into an ice statue for the wedding.

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